Looking for a place to run your high speed boats, well look no no more. NOMAC now has a place. Weather you are looking for high speed passes, racing again other boats in your class or sitting back and sailing the lake, we have what you are looking for.

Take a few minutes to watch the quick video showing off the lake, I am running a Sonicwake 36 that is tops out around 50mph.

In the beginning of the video I am just running around to show the open space. At the 2 minute mark I moved the drone over to one side, this is where I launched. At 2.33 minutes you will see how easy it is to pickup your boat. Next I took the drone for a virtual run around the lake, as you can see it is quite large with a peninsula in the middle. This is where we control the boats from with plenty of parking as seen at the 4.21 minute mark. Finally there are 2 images showing the complete overview, if you look close you will see the Jeep park on the peninsula.

If you would like more information on our club please email info@nolarc.com.